created by Gary Russel and Mike Collins


the new Sharon from blackcastle adventures

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Name: Ria (no last name given)
First Appearance: Doctor Who Magazine # 173, 15 May 1991
Know Relatives: none
Species: unknown
Planet of origin: unknown
Companion to: The 9th Doctor

The 7th Doctor and Ace materialize on the space station Maruthea, located at the dead centre of the space-time vortex.  They are there to attend the birthday party of the Doctor's friend Bonjaxx.  Among the many partygoers they meet an unidentified future regeneration of the Doctor (possibly the 9th) and his companion Ria.  While the two Doctors chat, Ace introduces herself to Ria.  Beep the Meep starts a fight at the party, and Ria, along with Ace, join in the brawl that ensues.  The Doctors then decide it is time to leave, and Ace and Ria leave with their respective Doctors.

It is unknown how Ria came to travel with this future incarnation of the Doctor and what became of her.  Appearing in only 9 panels, this is Ria's only official appearance to date.