created by Pat Mills and John Wagner


the new Sharon from blackcastle adventures

character bios


Name: Sharon Allen (presumed married last name, maiden name unknown)
First Appearance: Doctor Who Weekly # 19, 20 February 1980
Know Relatives: Vernor Allen (husband), unnamed father
Species: Human
Planet of origin: Earth 1980, Blackcastle, UK
Companion to: The 4th Doctor

Schoolgirl Sharon and friend Fudge Higgins encounter Beep the Meep, who appears injured after his spaceship crashes into the Blackcastle Steel Mills.  Tricking the children into trusting him, Beep is actually a murderous tyrant on the run from the Wrath Warriors.  After helping to put Beep back into the Wrath's custody the Doctor attempts to return her to Blackcastle.  Initially unable to get her home, the Doctor, Sharon, and K-9 find themselves off on a series of adventures.  On an adventure in the far future in the New Earth System, Sharon encounters Wereloxs, gets a new costume that she wears for the duration of her time in the strip, and comes just short of meeting the Daleks.

Sharon quickly adapts to her new life with the Doctor and K-9, at one point making the comment, ďAw, Iím not worried!  Iím getting used to fighting creatures from space.Ē   

On Sharon's next adventure with the Doctor, she not only gets a new hairstyle, but literally grows up.  Their encounter with Brimo the Timewitch ages Sharon four years, and she now sees little point returning to school. 

After a few more stories, including meeting Sontarans in 1522 China, Sharon inexplicably decides to stay with Vernor Allen on Unicepter IV after putting and end to the threat of the parasitic Slinths, furry pet creatures native to the planet, that the humans have been using to enhance their dreams for entertainment purposes.  To their surprise, they were actually feeding off of their brain energy. It is unclear at what point Sharon and Vernor fall in love, but clever readers should have seen it coming all along.  Vernor was the only other black character in the strip.  I guess it was inevitable that she would feel obliged to stay with the first, and only, black man she met on her travels with the Doctor.

Though not a story that features Sharon, worthy of note is the strip adventure from Doctor Who Yearbook 1996, Star Beast II.  Here the 4th Doctor and K-9, while trying to get to Unicepter IV in time for Sharonís wedding, wind up back in Blackcastle.